Female Magazine & The Star Newspaper On My iPad

I’m not the first adopter of eBook on my iPad but since last year I’d been gradually transforming my newspaper reading habit from the physical paper to my iPad when The Star launched their epaper at promotional price at RM260 per annum (currently at RM360). Then, I started downloading ebooks, like Fifty Shades of Grey etc to my iPad when I was traveling Vietnam. I do like the idea of saving papers by going digital with my reading, especially when I look at the stack of magazines that I threw out every month. So I went on further by subscribing to the iPad version of the Female Magazines which I’d buying month for USD20.99 (12-months subscription), and saved about RM30 per year compared to buying the physical copy. Hence, by switching to iPad for my newspaper and magazines reading, I’m not only can do my little part for going green, I could  also save some money too. That’s two birds in one stone!
I think I’ll check out other iPad version of magazines like Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire US or UK version (which are only USD19.99 for 12-months subscription), way cheaper than buying the imported copy here.
I’m glad that technology had brought us this new way of reading books and magazine. Hopefully more people will be able to explore and adopt this digital way of reading….  

Female Magazine on iPad: https://itunes.apple.com/my/app/female-malaysia/id537228925?mt=8
The Star Newspaper on iPad: http://thestar.com.my/subscribe/register.asp

Screen capture of this month’s Female Magazine

Screen capture of The Star newspaper

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