Blast From The Past 101 – Beijing Nanshan Ski Village

Christmas season always make me miss the snow when I was in China, then I realized that I’d not blogged about the few ski trips I went in Beijing. So I dug out some old pictures from 2010 and 2011, which made me miss the snow even more…. 
Beijing Nanshan Ski Village is a famous ski village located about 60km from downtown Beijing. It will take about half an hour or one hour to get there from 2nd ring road of Beijing depending on the traffic. Famous among the expats and locals, this place is usually packed with visitors throughout the winter season. The ski village is equipped with a hi-tech snowmaking system and 20
snowmaking machines, 4 snow groomers from Europe, 2 quadruple chair lifts, a double chair lift, 13 drag lifts and 3
magic carpets.
I went there 3 times out of the 2 winters I had in China, the first time I tried skiing was at Harbin and I got hooked to it immediately. Skiing was so much harder than it looks, it took me awhile to get used to it during my first and second attempt to skiing. But with the help of the professional instructors, I managed to get on the intermediate lane during my 2nd trip to Nanshan Ski Village. The instructor’s fee was really cheap, RMB400 for 2 hours of 1 to 1 session. The entrance fee and equipment rental was RMB145 (weekdays and booking online)/RMB260 (weekdays and purchase at the door) or RMB255 (weekdays and booking online)/RM400 (weekends and purchase at the door), it really saved us a lot of money for booking online instead of purchase the ticket at the door.

 Almost the entire mountain was covered with snow

 Entrance to the Ski Village
 Map of Ski Village
 Christina, me and my sister
 Did I look like a pro?

 Cable car all the way to the top of mountain

 My 2nd trip to the ski village with my colleagues from Tianjin
Me posing on the magic carpet
 My 3rd trip there with my friends from Malaysia
 My cute instructor of the day

I must say my skiing experience in China was pretty decent, for the price that I paid I thought I got very good value for my money. For about RMB600 (i.e. RM300), I could get a whole day skiing experience with personal instructor on 1 to 1 basis. Overall, Nanshan Ski Village is very well run and amenities are quite complete and clean. I would definitely recommend this place to all my friends. Gosh I really miss the snow~!

For more information, please visit their Official Website:

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