Food For Thought 175 – Kindori Japanese Ice Cream

“100% fresh milk and 100% fresh fruit! Every scoop of Kindori Ice Cream
is made of fully natural  ingredients, with zero preservatives, no
colouring and not a single drop of water!” That’s was what the shop proclaimed too served so I decided to give it a try after my cravings for ice cream kicked in after lunch in KL Pavilion. I ordered the Macha (green tea) ice cream for RM9.90. The ice cream turned out to be surprisingly good! The good blend of milk and green tea (with no water) made it absolutely creamy and smooth, and of course addictive. The serving is okay, not too small nor too big, quite good value for money for the price with the crunchy cone.
The Malaysian franchise has been around for 3 years (sorry I just came back to the country last year so I was a little outdated), but according to their website it has been around in
Japan for some 10-15 years ago.
They have all the other fruit flavours but I’m not particularly big on
fruity flavoured ice creams. I might just stick to the original vanila,
chocolate or macha all the time. Overall, I’d love to have it again!

Official website:
Outlet available at Tokyo Street, KL Pavilion; Jusco 1 Utama; Sunway Pyramid.  

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