Bye Bye 2011 – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

It’s almost a week into the new year now and I just managed to take some time off to reflect on the past 1 year.
had been a really interesting year. It was the the first time I
relocated back to KL after my 2 years stint in China. Lots had changed
in this city where I call home. Kinda missed the feeling of being an
expat but never I regretted the decision to return home for a better
quality and balanced life. Well I’d learned that money can’t be the only
thing in life, so does work!
So here goes my list…

The Goods:

  1. I moved back to my apartment and did a complete makeover of my place. It looks brand new now!
  2. Travel Travel Travel! Lots of traveling. I flew back from Tianjin in
    Feb, went to Macau and Hong Kong with my parents and sister in May, went
    to Bali  with my friends in Sept, went to Singapore for a pleasantly
    surprised unplanned getaway in Dec, went to Siem Reap to see the great
    old city of Angkor just before the year ended.
  3. Settled into a new job environment and made a bunch of cool friends at work.
  4. Work is more exciting than in China.
  5. Bought a really nice camera and trying to make the best out of it! I love Sony NEX 5N!
  6. iPhone 4s rocks!
  7. My social and dating life turns interesting! Well at least way better than in China…
  8. I started blogging again after being 2 years being blocked by China’s Great Firewall!
The Bad:
  1. I still think I’m way under paid after they took away all the expat allowances.
  2. Wallet suffered a heavy blow after spending on house makeover and few
    unfortunate accidents. (Won’t complain about spending on traveling
  3. I actually missed having winter and snow!
The Ugly:
  1. Was picked pocketed, robbed, and accidentally smashed my car to a pickup truck!
said all that, 2011 was still a good year for me. I’m the type of person who tends to forget lots
of the bad and ugly stuff and cherish the good things in life. Call me a
hopeless optimist but that’s how I take on life. Also 2011 will always
be the year that I lived as the last 20s of my life before I embraced
the big 30! Gosh I’m feeling old already!  ^o^

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2012 will mark a
new chapter of my life as I always believe that the best has yet to
come. As for my new year’s resolution, I hope to stay healthy and fit,
continue to travel and explore new places, and perhaps actually to be
able to build an exhilarating life with a special someone!
So help me God! 


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