The World Is Not Fair

As we celebrate Deepavali today, I was reminded of that one incident at my office couple days ago. An Indian customer called to the bank and ask for Deepavali packets (Chinese New Year we have the red packets and for Hari Raya we have the green packets) but he was very upset when the officer told him that the bank didn’t print any of those. He accused the bank of being racial discrimination and threatened to go to the press. The operation manager was so troubled by the call but he couldn’t do anything else. When he told us about the call, I was thinking that some people just don’t get it, ‘THE WORLD IS NOT FAIR!’ It’s already kind enough for the country declares a holiday for a certain minority races, now some people wanted to be treated equally like the other major races in this country, which is nothing but a dream that will never come true. It is not that I’m being dicrimination but I think some people just like to push the buttons. We already have so much drama going on daily in this country so please don’t make a scene out of it some more. Live with it if you could, if not then perhaps it’s time to seek your God for new directions.

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