Taipei 109 – Taipei Mei Jing Hong You Chao Shou – Taiwanese Dumpling (台北美景川味小吃红油抄手)

Hong You Chao Shou (红油抄手), Taiwanese Dumpling is a famous local delicacy. This small little stall at the basement of a shopping mall at Zhong Xiao Dong Lu is very famous among the locals. A local friend of mine brought us to this place and I absolutely loved the spicy chili sauce that went well with the noodle & the dumplings. Not really a fantastic dining environment but delicious and good value for the food. Some of the local dishes & prices are listed below:-
紅燒牛肉麵/飯(95元),排骨麵/飯(85元),紅油抄手(50, 75 & 100元),榨菜肉絲麵(60元),醡醬乾麵(55元),担担乾麵(50元),牛肉湯(95元),牛肉湯麵(55元),酸辣麵(55元),
Address:台北市忠孝東路四段97號B1(頂好名店城B1) B1 Floor, Zhong Xiao Dong Lu Xi Duan No 97 (Ding Hao Ming Dian Cheng B1)
Operation Hour:12:00~21:00 / Close on Monday & Sunday

Yummy Spicy Chili Sauce

The Famous Taiwanese Dumpling (红油抄手) for NT100 (Big Size)
Dan Dan Noodle (担担面) for NT50

Steamed Dry Toufu

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  1. Mmmmm… I lived in Taipei in the late nineties. Back then there was only one street stall that made hong you chao shou, and it opened very late – after midnight. I can't remember the exact location but it was just a couple of blocks from the old dv8. Nice to be reminded…

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