Tianjin Food For Thought 102 – Suez Restaurant (苏易士西餐厅)

Suez Restaurant (苏易士西餐厅) is located at the Wu Da Dao (五大道) . Apparently it is a very old western restaurant, waitresses are mostly aunties with average service level. Food wasn’t fantastic as they had changed the taste to suite the local chinese. Portion was generous compared with the price. I saw the table next to me had 2 pieces of big deep fried chicken chops and another big piece of steak. A lil crowded in term of space, but still maintained the old European style of decoration. Overall, value for money kinda restaurant (Average RMB50-70 per pax) but it will not on top of my list of restaurant that I want to revisit.

Add/地址: 和平区成都道40号(长沙路口)
Tel/电话: 022-23304292

Opening Hours
Ceiling Decoration
Inside Suez Restaurant
Mixed Salad
Mushroom Soup with Garlic Bread
French Fries with Spring Rolls
Meat Pie
Macaroni & Cheese

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