Yabuli Ski Resort (亚布力滑雪旅游度假区)

Yabuli Ski Resort is a town with 3-hour drive from Harbin city. It is known to be the best ski trails in China, with a lot of international tournaments hold there before. We first took the cable car up the Da Huo Kui Mountain (大锅盔山) to have a good view of the Yabuli town. The Ski Trails at Da Guo Kui Mountain were meant for intermediate or advanced players so we took the luge (滑道) down the mountain (it was really long way down with 48 turns) and went to the beginner ski trail. I paid RMB280 for a personal ski trainer who followed me through for 2 hours since it was my first time skiing. The good thing about paying somebody to look after you is that you will less likely to fall. I had great fun learning how to ski and was able to pick up the sport easily in less than 2 hours. I think I would try to go for skiing another time when I’m back to Tianjin or Beijing before the winter ends. Well at the end of my ski trip I learnt that the most important thing about skiing is to learn how to brake! So that’s my tip for first timer 😉

More info: http://www.yabuliski.com/ or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yabuli_Ski_Resort or http://baike.baidu.com/view/36296.htm?fr=ala0_1

Cable Car up to Da Guo Kui Mountain
Cable Car up to Da Guo Kui Mountain

Luge Way Down The Mountain

Ski Trails From Da Guo Kui Mountain

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Getting Ready For The Luge Way

Yabuli Stone

Ski Trails

Ski Trails

Ski Trails

View From The Da Guo Kui Mountain

Me Getting Ready To Ski

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