Shanghai Food For Thought 11 5 – La Piazzetta ( 上海意炉餐厅)

This Italian restaurant right under my head office in Shanghai serves good Italian Pizza & Pasta. However I had the worst experience there when the waitress was extremely rude to me & my friends, perhaps she saw that we are Chinese and insisted that there was no other empty table inside the hall & gave us the worst table right in front of the entrance where chill wind were blowing strong right at us when people came in and out. However, we noticed that whenever some Caucasians walked in with no reservation, the stupid waitress ushered them right inside with a big smile on her hypercritical face. I was really thinking “WHAT THE FUCK!!!”. Just because we are Chinese so we deserve that kind of service. Sorry though I really love Italian food but this restaurant is on my black list just because of their horrible service. No one should be treated differently based on color since we are all paying customers.

La Piazzetta ( 上海意炉餐厅)

Tuna Salad
Carbonara Spaghetti
Beef Pepperoni Pizza
Bindi Ice Cream

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