Shanghai Match Making Activity At People’s Park (上海人民公园相亲活动)

This is thing that amused me the most in Shanghai. Tons of mums & dads gathered every weekend at the People’s Park(人民公园) with their kids information written on a paper, with hopes to match make their kids with another person. In such a traditional country like China, getting married is the utmost important thing for the old folks. For some families it is a sin for not getting married early especially for girls. As for most China incorporated companies (including my company), those getting married above 23 years old are considered late and entitled for longer marriage leaves, and those getting pregnant above 25 years old are considered late as well and also entitled for longer maternity leaves. Geee… I wonder what all that make this 27 year old single girl who just landed in Shanghai. But I had a good laugh looking & reading all the papers clipping on the trees of the People’s Park with personal information written on them, which were mostly girls’ candidates. I guess Shanghai is a city filled with more single girls than single guys, or perhaps the guys are just playing hide & seek…
Shanghai People’s ParkMums & Dads trying to match make their kids
Dads checking out some potential candidates for their kids

Mum & Dad checking out some potential candidates for their kids

Some match making ‘resume’

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