Food For Thought 152 – McDonald’s Double Beef Prosperity Burger & Twister Fries (麦当劳发财汉堡包)

Yay the once a year McDonald’s Prosperity Burger is BACK! This year McDonald’s even come out with a ‘Double Beef Prosperity Burger’ with twice the beef patties and twice the black pepper sauce together with fresh onion slices. I also love the twister fries but somehow this year McDonald’s no longer serves the McFizz drink with the prosperity McValue set. I was so hungry the other day so I went & bought the Double Beef Prosperity Burger large McValue set at RM19.88++(Medium set at RM18.88++). Sigh… fast food is getting more & more expensive nowadays… But still I love the Prosperity Beef Burger!

Yummy Double Beef Prosperity Burger

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