Food for Thought 130 – Seafood at Port Dickson

Port Dickson is by the sea and seafood is abundance everywhere we go. So during my stay in Port Dickson, I went for this ‘halal’ seafood restaurant, Restoran Pantai Seafood as some my colleagues cannot take pork due to faith issue. But what the heck, when it comes to seafood who would want to order pork anyway. 6 of us paid a little price of RM128 for a sumptuous dinner with 2 kilo of fat crabs, plateful of butter prawns, belacan squids (forgot to take picture of this dish as I was too into the food), fried beancurb and vegetables. We barely finished all the dishes but most of us couldn’t finish the rice. We loved the dinner mainly due to the freshness of the seafood served and the best part was the company paid for it.

Butter Prawns
Sweet & Sour Crabs
Chinese Plain Bread / Man Tou to go with the crabs Fried Beancurd
Stir Fried Vegetables

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