Food for Thought 139 – Restaurant Sogo

When I used to work at Jalan Raja Laut, Sogo was the usual hang out and lunch joint for my colleagues and I since it was the nearest place around the office. Apart from the normal food chain like MacDonald’s, Sushi King, Nando’s and Secret Recipe, Sogo has its own Japanese restaurant, Restaurant Sogo at level 6. This Japanese Restaurant serves simple japanese food at quite a reasonable price, maily set menu. Last week when I went back there for lunch I ordered the Chicken Curry Katsu Set (fried chicken with curry chicken serves with rice), which is always my favourite of this restaurant. The portion is generous and the price is fair at RM19++ (it used to be RM18++). Overall it is a simple and quiet restaurant.
Restaurant Sogo
Chickem Curry Katsu Set
Chicken curry katsu with rice
Salad that came with the set

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