Current Playlist 105 – Pussycat Dolls “Doll Domination”

This 2nd studio album of the PCD is sorta letdown, because apart from the first single, “When I Grow Up” and my personal favourites, “I Hate This Part” & “Magic”, the rest of the songs are kinda plain. Althoug this time around, Timbaland, Ne-Yo, J-Roc and many other producers played along with the girls to produce the album, but I don’t think this album will be a big hit for the girls this time around. Maybe better luck next time~!
Track listing
“When I Grow Up” — 4:05
“Bottle Pop” (featuring Snoop Dogg) — 3:30
“Whatcha Think About That” (featuring Missy Elliot) — 3:48
“I Hate This Part” — 3:39
“Takin’ Over the World” — 3:35
“Out of This Club” (featuring R. Kelly and Polow da Don) — 4:08
“Who’s Gonna Love You” — 4:00
“Happily Never After” — 4:49
“Magic” — 3:41
“Halo” — 5:24
“In Person” — 3:35
“Elevator” — 3:41
“Hush Hush” — 3:48
“Love the Way You Love Me” — 3:21
“Whatchamacallit” — 4:19
“I’m Done” — 3:18

Bonus disc
“If I Was A Man” (Introducing Jessica Sutta) — 3:31
“Space” (Introducing Melody Thornton) — 3:08
“Don’t Wanna Fall in Love” (Introducing Kimberly Wyatt) — 3:21
“Played” (Introducing Ashley Roberts) — 3:20
“Until U Love U” (Nicole Scherzinger) — 3:39

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