Beijing 135 – Cute Stuff From Beijing

Since I was in a new country, I took the liberty to explore the different types of food stuff, drinks and snacks available only in China. I also bought some of my favourite snacks & drinks home. Below are just some of those that I managed to snap some pictures:-
Coconut Milk (椰汁) That Tasted Really Sweet & Weird to Me
Sour Plum Drink (九龙斋酸梅汤)
Another Sour Plum Drink (桂花酸梅汤)
Sugarless Jasmine Tea (茉莉清茶) – A bit too plain
Chinese Mooncake from Beijing (稻香村月饼) – They even has meat filling for mooncakes
3 Different Types of Yan Jing Beer (燕京啤酒) – I bought 6 cans home
Instant Ham Sausages (即食火腿肠) – Can eat just like that as snack – I bought 3 packs back home
Cute Bear Shape Chocalate Biscuits
Chinese Liquor (二锅头酒)

Chinese Snacks

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