Beijing 108 – Nan Men Shuan Rou (南门涮肉)

This Beijing famous steamboat is the only food that I ate twice during my stay in Beijing. Nan Men Shuan Rou (南门涮肉) is the famous steamboat in Beijing apart from the spicy hot pot (海底捞). This steamboat is quite plain using the clear soup to cook the meat but the special thing about the steamboat is the sauce that goes with the meat – the sesame sauce (麻酱). It wasn’t as oily as most of the Beijing food that I’d tried & I absolutely loved the sesame sauce. The first restaurant we went was the Hong Yuan Nan Men Shuan Rou (宏源南门涮肉) at Tian Tan Park (天坛公园) where they served pork and the second restaurant was at at Ritan Park (日坛公园) where no pork served. Although both restaurants are under the same chain, but the first one at the Tian Tan Park was better & catered for mainly local folks while the second one at Ritan Park was mainly for tourists. Be ready to spend about RMB130-150 for 2 pax depending on how many types of meat that you are ordering.
Famous Hong Yuan Nan Men Shuan Rou (宏源南门涮肉) at Tian Tan Park (天坛公园)
All the meat ready to be eaten
All the side dishes & sauce
The steamboat pot
Nan Men Shuan Rou (南门涮肉)Nan Men Shuan Rou (南门涮肉) at Ritan Park (日坛公园)
Inside the restaurant
Starting the fire
Inside the restaurant
Beautiful steamboat pot
Steamboat pot filled with clear soup
Sliced beef & mutton
Beef & fish balls
Colourful handmade noodles
Cooked meat inside the sesame sauce
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