Beijing 102 – Temple of Heaven (天坛)

On my Day 2 in Beijing I went to the Temple of Heaven (天坛) with my sister. The weather was great with clear blue sky and chill air. We bought the all-inclusive ticket for RMB35 each and a map of Temple of Heaven for RMB10. The place was so much bigger than we thought and we only managed to spend 3++ hours there before we gave up walking around cause we were dead tired. We didn’t get to cover a few places inside but we had a good time walking around the major spots, especially the Hall of Prayers for Good Harvest (祈年殿) which we snapped the most pictures. Both our cameras ran our of batteries before we even finished touring the place. That showed how beautiful was the place as we couldn’t stop taking pictures.


East Gate Entrance to Temple of Heaven
Hall of Prayers for Good Harvest from Afar
Long Corridor (Very Very Long)
Seven Star Stones
Info on Seven Star Stones
Imperial Hall of Heaven
Hall of Prayers for Good Harvest
Hall of Prayers for Good Harvest
View of Imperial Vault of Heaven
Golden Dragon Inside Imperial Vault of Heaven
All Flowers Pavilion
The Echo Wall
Circular Mound Altar Entrance
Circular Mound Altar
Me & Heavenly Center Stone
Info on Heavenly Center Stone

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