Beijing 101 – Touch Down at Beijing Capital Airport

At last the day has arrived for me to fly to Beijing for holiday! I arrived early at the KLIA Airport thinking that I should be able to have extra time after checking in earlier but who knew MAS put all the unpopular international routes together at only a few counters which the queue was so freaking long! I waited for over 1 hour before I could actually checked myself in with my luggage. The 6-hour midnight flight was filled with turbulence and I was very nauseous at one point of time. Thank God we landed safely at 0645 Beijing time (same timezone as KL) and all the way the check-out process was smooth and the airport was filled with Beijing Olympic/Paralympic information counters. I grabbed a lot of tourist guides at the information counters since this was the first time I came to Beijing and the timing was just right with the Olympic just finished and the Paralympic was about to start in 7 days time.
The city has totally transformed to a tourist friendly city and the people of Beijing is still living the spirit of “Beijing Welcomes You”, which the song is still playing all around the corners. The weather is chilling though the sun is shining bright, which was great for sightseeing. People already warned me about the dry weather at Beijing and I’m still getting used to it at this point of time. My skin is starting to breakout in Day 2, hopefully my skin will survive this trip, as well as my legs for all the walking.
Super Long Queue at KLIA Waiting for Check-In
Arrival Hall of Beijing Capital Airport
Art Piece at Beijing Capital Airport
Welcome to Beijing Capital Airport
Road Filled with Beijing Olympic 2008 Flags
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