Bangkok 115 – Junk Food at 7- 11 & Ice Cream at Swensen’s

7-11 are everywhere in sight whenever we were at Bangkok. Because it was so convenient, we always went to 7-11 to get our doze of junk food. I loved the Lays potato chips which was so damn cheap as compared to M’sia (THB30 for medium size), and also the alcohol which was selling at the price of normal soft drinks. On top of that, I loved the mayonnaise pork floss bun which was only selling for THB10, and I bought extra 2 to take home with me.
Apart from 7-11, I also loved the Swensen’s Ice Cream which were everywhere in Bangkok. The price of ice cream was so cheap compared to M’sia, I think I would be in serious weight problem if I ever stay in Bangkok for a longer term.

Tiny soy milk to wake up a morning

Swensens Ice Cream
3 scoops ice cream with chocolate hot fudge for THB109

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