My Chinese Vibes

Languages are always my strongest point and my passion, but somehow along the way I’ve abandoned my Chinese vibes. For years I’ve stopped listening to Chinese songs, stopped speaking in mandarin (Cantonese is a must in KL), stopped watching Taiwan and Hong Kong dramas. Until lately my lil sis went to Beijing for work and I happened to deal with a lot of Taiwanese clients out of the norm. Suddenly I felt the urge to pick up the language, my mother language which I’ve left behind.
Therefore my first attempt is to pick up a nice mandarin album and start listening & appreciating the language that made me who I am today. And guess what? I got hooked to 萧敬腾 (Xiao Jing Teng)’s self titled album especially track number 9 – 我在哭. Worse still now I have the urge to go for Karaoke cause I love to sing, especially mandarin songs. Sometimes I really wonder why I never consider to be in the show biz before? Sigh… now it will always be something that I could only wish I have tried.

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