Life As A Chess Game

I used to know a boy who loves to play chess. He goes to the local chess club & even plays the online chess games. He used to say that life is just like a chess game and he plays his games with gals with the same strategy – ‘Conquer & Dispose’. I don’t agree with his gameplan with gals but I do believe that life is like a chess game, there are many things to be conquered and there are many ways to get to the ultimate winning. Some ways take more sacrifices and some ways just can’t seem to be working at all. Thank God that most of the games in life could be replayed and seldom we find any ‘life & death’ games where losing will cause you your life. Whenever we hit rock bottom with a defeat, we could take all the time we need & recuperate before the next big game. Whenever we are able to say ‘checkmate’ to our opponent, that’s the time we can smile the best and perhaps we could also bag it under our belt as one of our major accomplishments in life. Either way, there are always winning & losing in life and how we handle losses will show what we are made of. But personally, I hate to lose.

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