Beijing 140 – Crazy Chicken Wings Restaurant (疯狂烤翅后海店)

Crazy Chicken Wings Restaurant (疯狂烤翅后海店) located at Hou Hai along the man made lake has my favourite chicken wings in the world, the Extraordinary Spicy Chicken Wings (变态辣鸡翅). For RMB10, you will get a pair of chicken wings of your choice (they do have honey flavour) but my favourite is the one and only Extraordinary Spicy Chicken Wings which will send normal people to hospital after eating it but I’m no normal people when it comes to spicy food so I LOVE LOVE LOVE the super spicy chicken wings. We also ordered the other skewers like prawns, lamb, vegetables and buns (ranging from RMB3-8 each) but the star of the show was definitely the chicken wings. Big Teddy tried a piece of the Extraordinary Spicy Chicken Wings which almost killed him but he was smart enough to stay with the normal spicy chicken wings afterwards. Well I couldn’t resist my craving for super spicy food so I dragged Big Teddy here twice during our stay in Beijing. Just give me Extraordinary Spicy Chicken Wings and I’ll be a happy girl~!

Look at the spicy red extraordinary spicy chicken wings!
Another shot using my iPhone and Instagram filter…

Address: 50 Yandai Byway, Xicheng, Beijing, China (北京西城区后海烟袋斜街)
Tel: +86 130 5106 1234
Business Hours: 12:00pm – Midnight daily

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