Food For Thought 211 – Paldo Teumsae Instant Noodles With Soup

My cravings for spicy food had driven me to spend RM18.90 on 5 packs of Korean Instant Noodle from Jaya Grocer. Paldo Teumsae Instant Noodles With Soup is being named one of the most spicy instant noodle of all time, I had high hope of it since I had a taste of the most spicy ramen I’d ever tasted , the Myeongdong TeumSae Ramyun (my previous blogpost here). Unfortunately it didn’t turn out to be as spicy as I’d expected but it is still very spicy by normal standard. My sister kept complaining that it is too spicy but I drank every last drop of the soup without a sweat~! Someone help me with my chilli addiction please~! 

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