My Baby Toyota Prius C in Black Mica~!

The Toyota Prius c (c stands for “city”) is a full hybrid gasoline-electric subcompact hatchback produced by Toyota Motor Corporation. It was launched in Malaysia in February 2012. I was in need of a new car when my sister decided to return home from Beijing after 4 years away. Prior to that I was driving her tiny Kelisa when I was back 2 years ago without the need of buying a new car. 
Hence with the full tax exemption, completely Japan made and top of the class fuel economy, this car is very attractive at RM97,000 and definitely hard to resist. So I went for it and got my brand new Toyota Prius C in November 2012. With the help of my dad, I got discount for the insurance and another RM5,000 rebate from UMW Toyota for the year end discount. Not too bad for a new fully imported Japan made car!
Well I first love the car for its safety features, i.e. 7 airbags, Vehicle Stability Control, Traction Control and Anti-lock Brake System. Some of it are only available in other pricier models like Camry but Prius C has it for a cheaper price tag. But the feature that I loved most is the Smart Entry and Start System, which unlock the car by gripping the front door handle or lock with just a touch of the sensor. I can also start and end my journey at the press of a button, all without even removing the key from my bag. This electronic key is just too convenient! Also I loved the Bluetooth connection which enable my iPhone to call or receive calls, and play my music playlist on my car speakers. Last but not least, the fuel economy of this hybrid car is amazing, I literally cut my fuel expenses by half monthly, even that was compared with the tiny Kelisa.
I do believe that Hybrid is the way to forward in auto industry, so hopefully more people would adopt this “greener” way of living by cutting fuel consumption and lower emission for the sake of our mother earth…..   
The Toyota Hybrid blue logo
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I love the touch of blue on my car
Front view of my car
Back view of my car
The driver seat with the blue start button
Steering Wheel Switches with Touch Tracer
The fully auto climate air conditioner
The 2-DIN Head Unit CD Player is designed with thoughtful functions like MP3 playback, AUX-Jack, USB, Bluetooth® & 6 speakers.
Even the gear stick knob is blue
Reading light and microphone input
Multi Information Display showing my fuel consumption
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  1. Impressive reviews. Toyota can definitely do better with the designs. But I am truly impress with the technology built in this. And the blue,…that's pretty cool too.

  2. It's a bit late, but let me congratulate you on owning such a good car, Allison! How is it now? All the features it has make it an ideal car for many, and it's sleek look somehow matches with you well. Safety functions, convenient Bluetooth features and being a hybrid car for a low price — this certainly is a practical and economical car!

    Arlyne Nelms @

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