Shopping Cart 137 – FJ Benjamin 2012 Warehouse Clearance Sales @ Centro Mall Klang

At last the long waited FJ Benjamin Warehouse Clearance Sales was back again this weekend, just that time it was at Centro Mall in Klang instead of KL (Parkroyal Hotel was the last one that I went to). I went there today for the last day of the sales. The crowd was quite scary for such a small hall, especially all those inconsiderate parents who brought their little kids to such a crowded place and literally became obstacles to other shoppers. 
Brands available on sales were Guess, Raoul, La Senza, Gap, Nautical, Victorinox etc. The selection was not as impressive as I’d expected but the prices were really cheap, especially on this last day of sales. 
Guess Watch from RM150 each

I like this one but it was going for RM300 for 2 and I couldn’t find another one that I like
The best part of the Warehouse Clearance Sales was La Senza lingerie. I picked up 20 underwear for just RM20, which was RM1 each! OMG!

Lots of bra but not my size
I saw lots of guys went crazy over the Raoul shirt too.

Raoul ladies apparel all going for RM40

10 Gap items for RM40?!!

I was hoping that I could pick up some shoes but unfortunately the selection was quite bad and I didn’t see any that I liked.
Raoul shoes all for RM30

Guess shoes but none that I liked

In the end, these are the items that I picked up from the warehouse sales. I was somewhat glad that I didn’t burn a hole in my wallet this time round. ;-D
My new Guess White Watch for RM200 and I got another watch for free!
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Not really my type but it was free!
20 La Senza G-Strings and Suspenders for RM1 each!
Sexy Guess Black dress for RM25

It was labelled as a top but I could wear it as a dress – Guess Metalic Top for RM25

I probably shouldn’t have gotten this Raoul Cropped Cream Jacket but it was only RM40!

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