Siem Reap 108 – Phnom Bakheng

The first temple-mountain constructed in Angkor is extremely popular and crowded for sunsets in this ancient city. We took about half an hour for the hike to the top and the final climb to the top of the temple is quite steep. There was elephant rides available but we didn’t bother to check the price. 
When we were finally up there at 4 something in the afternoon, crowd was building up for the sunset. However the sun does not set over Angkor if seen from here, only over the jungle far away. The day that we went the sky was quite cloudy so we didn’t wait for the sunset and took off early. Our tour guide told us that  people are not allowed to climb Phnom Bakheng after 1730, hence make sure you arrive earlier if you ever want to check out this place. 
The temple was just alright for me and I didn’t really enjoy the long walk up and down the hill on the red sand pathway. Maybe also I didn’t enjoy it because I didn’t get a nice sunset picture there…  
Over cloudy day without good sunset

Angkor Wat from afar

People waiting for sunset

Temple Structure in HDR
Phnom Bakheng Temple
Steep stairs down

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