Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa

Last September we had our company’s annual dinner & dance at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa. I got 2 nights stay at the resort so i pretty much used it to the fullest (except for the swimming pool). The hotel room was alright and spacious, comfortable enough but design was a little dated to my taste, with a tiny 32 inch LCD TV. Breakfast at Fuzion was actually quite good but maybe because it was newly revamped.
The grand ballroom is one of the biggest in town, and our party was great. Everyone (almost) were dressed in Cabaret themed outfits and partied the night away. It was so much fun. Hopefully we could do it again this year under the company’s expense… ^o^
Outdoor Swimming Pool
Inside the hotel room

The Grand Ball Room
Making an entrance at the cabaret themed night
Looking pretty

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