Bali 114 – Tanah Lot

Located in Tabanan, about 20 km from Denpasar, Tanah Lot is famous for its sunset and its temple by the sea, and we went there hoping to see the beautiful sunset. It was a nice walk to the beach with lots of shops and stalls selling lots of Indonesian and Balinese made items from paintings, clothes, accessories and many more along the walkway to the beach. We took a bit more time to get to beach distracted by the good stuff selling at the market. When we reached the beach, it was not all sandy white beach, instead it was all cover with moldy rocks and water. The temple sits on a large offshore rock which has been shaped continuously over the years by the ocean tide.We didn’t manage to get into the temple, just took some pictures around the beach and temple. Unfortunately the weather was cloudy that day so we didn’t get to see the sun set. My happiest moment at Tanah Lot was I picked up a piece of abstract painting at the market. (Details here at
Maybe one day I will come back to this beach and hopefully get to see the beautiful sunset…
Entering Tanah lot
Sun about to set
Huge waves
Beautiful rock and beach
Tanah Lot Temple
Tanah Lot Temple

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