Taipei 111 – Taipei Si Fang Ah Jiu Lu Rou Rice (四方阿九魯肉飯)

Lu Rou Rice (鲁肉饭/魯肉飯) is a famous Taiwan cuisine which has minced, cubed, or ground fatty pork, stewed in soy sauce and spices, then served on rice. We had our first Lu Rou Rice at this Guang Zhou Road night market which turned out to be quite delicious. Maybe we were just too hungry, or it is almost impossible to make a bad Lu Rou Rice in Taiwan. Price ranging from TWD20 for a small Lu Rou Rice to TWD60 for a big bowl of Stew Pork Rice (焢肉饭). It was quite a clean & tidy dining environment for such a shop in the old night market.

Address:台北市萬華區廣州街225號 No.225, Guangzhou Road, Wan Hua District, Taipei City
Tel:+8862 2336 9119

Taipei Si Fang Ah Jiu Lu Rou Rice (四方阿九魯肉飯)
Menu of Taipei Si Fang Ah Jiu Lu Rou Rice (四方阿九魯肉飯)
Lu Rou Rice & Noodle with Pork Ribs Soup
Lu Rou Noodle for NTD35

Lu Rou Rice for NTD20

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