Chinese New Year At Kuantan v.2010

Every year Chinese New Year as I head home to spend some some time with my family… my pace in life will suddenly slow down by at least 10 times as this lil town is so peaceful & slow… Nobody seems to be in any hurry to any places… This is the town that I spent about 17 years of my early life at… It is getting hotter each year that I came home… But it is still my hometown… not many familiar faces left around except for my parents… most young people already ventured out to the bigger cities for greener pasture… for some like myself… had ventured out to bigger countries for a different view of the world…

With exception to my new favourite hang out place Each Coast Mall which just came up in less than 2 years… Some of the other familiar old things are still there in the town… my favourite Satay Zul…. the Nasi Dagang… the Beef Noodle… some other places around town that will bring back some good old memories… the good & the bad of course… but ultimately this town is pretty much the same after all these years with slow changes over time… And of course it takes a little time to adjust back to the hot tropical weather of this seaside town with sudden downpour almost every other days… Didn’t I tell you how I miss the great blue sky & big white clouds & the sunny hot beach… Kuantan Oh Kuantan…
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  1. Too bad that we didn't meet up during CNY.

    I'm kinda miss home too. Apart from that, I think I would enjoy living in a slower pace place like this, for the better, maybe.

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