Shanghai Food For Thought 114 – Dolar Shop (豆捞坊)

Steamboat is always my favourite type of food, especially the hot & spicy ones. This Hong Kong styled steamboat shop is one of the higher end shops with personal pot for each person instead of one big pot sharing for hygiene purposes. The selection of sauces are abundance, as well as the dishes to go with the steamboat. Average price per person is about RMB100 with nice environment. However, one thing bad about steamboat is that I tend to over eat. That would explain all the weights that I’ve been putting on ever since I landed in China ^-^
Shanghai Pudong Dolar Shop
Inside Dolar Shop

One of the Steamboat Sauce – Seafood Sauce

Many Choices of Sauces

Fresh Fish Paste

Fresh Meat
Fresh Meat Balls

Boiling Steamboat

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