Shanghai Food For Thought 109 – Mister Donut

Mister Donut is a large doughnut franchise. Once an American icon, the franchise now operates mainly in Japan, Philippines and other Asian markets and El Salvador. Mister Donut was founded in 1956 and had locations across most of North America and once was the largest competitor to Dunkin’ Donuts, which was founded in 1950, before being acquired by Dunkin’ Donuts’ parent company, Allied-Lyons, in February 1990.
After the acquisition of Mister Donut by Allied-Lyons, most Mister Donut locations within North America changed their name to Dunkin’ Donuts and only a scattered few locations still hold the name Mister Donut.
However, in China, Mister Donut is known to be a high end donut joints in Shanghai. Selling from RMB5-9 each, Mister Donut offers a pleasant change in taste to the plain bored Dunkin Donuts. I still love a good ole Chocolate Donut~!
Official China Website:
Mister Donut Shanghai
Buy 5 Free 1 for the New Mocha Series

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