Shanghai Food For Thought 108 – Shanghai Lisboa Restaurant/ Pu Jing Restaurant (葡京餐厅)

Shanghai Lisboa Restaurant better known as Pu Jing Restaurant (葡京餐厅) is a famous Portuguese/Hong Kong styled restaurant in town. I went to try out with a friend one night after work at Zheng Da Plaza (正大广场). Sadly some of its famous dishes like Bo Luo Bao (菠萝包) and Shao Rou (烧肉) had already sold out at 7pm. So we had to be satisfied with other dishes like the Pork Chop Burger (猪扒堡), Grilled Pigeon, Fried Udon, and a vegetable. I quite liked the Pork Chop Burger and the Fried Udon, although the overall dishes didn’t stand out as I wished. Average person spend about RMB40-50 for a decent meal with drinks.
For more information about the restaurant and other outlets, please check out :
Shanghai Lisboa Restaurant/ Pu Jing Restaurant (葡京餐厅)
Menu of Shanghai Lisboa Restaurant/ Pu Jing Restaurant (葡京餐厅)

Lime Juice

Famous Pork Chop

Grilled Pigeon

Fried Udon

Stir Fried Vegetables

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