Packing For Shanghai & Tianjin

I had a big headache when I was trying to pack all my stuff for Shanghai & Tianjin. After so many years of shopping, I’d accumulated a lot of stuff that I wanna bring along with me to China, mainly my clothes & shoes. So below were just a few items that I’m bringing or shipping to China. I really felt that the compression bags (RM5 each) that I got from Daiso the 100 Yen shop were very useful, when it came to compress the size of my clothes about 1/3 of the original size, which also allowed me to pack more stuff ;-D

Clothes To Be Shipped To Tianjin
More Clothes To Be Shipped To Tianjin
Compression Bag From Daiso

Compression Bag Before Vacuum

Compression Bag After Vacuum

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  1. Well, I think you should save some allowance on the amount you packed. I’m sure you’ll do shopping over there too, at the end, you’ll hardly unpack those vacuum bags.. :p

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