Demalogica Warehouse Carnival (1st – 3rd December 2008)

As a long time Dermalogica skin care user, I thought it might be a good idea to drop by their warehouse sales which started from today. I went there around 4.30pm but was so dissappointed that not much things were offered. Most of the skin care products left half year to go before expiry date, like Clinelle & Bioxil. The only good buy is the eye shadow which was going for RM5 per piece. Only 2 very uncommon Dermalogica products left for sales. I left there empty handed after just 15 minutes. Thank goodness my office was just around the corner. Sigh, it was a waste of time anyway.
Wisma EIG at Shah Alam
Demalogica Warehouse Carnival

A Peak Inside The Auditorium Hall

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