Life With The Unpleasant Surprise

I just found out that a friend of mine is plagued with cancer cell within a lump in his left leg. I was devastated when the news broke. This wasn’t the first time this year itself that I learnt about my friends with cancer. I couldn’t imagine if I were in his shoes, what would I feel or do? I could have my whole life flashing before my eyes and wondering what have I done wrong, or perhaps I would have a revelation and decide to live my life differently, or maybe it’s a wake up call that I should push myself a lil bit more to achieve more things in life. Either way, If I were in his shoes, I will still be devastated and sad at first, although I know I still have to be strong to fight the battle. When life throws an unpleasant surprise at you, what would you do? Will you cry? Will you run? Will you fight? Will you give up? Will you be thinking of all the possibilities that how life could be if you were all well and healthy? Will you be grateful & proud of what you have achieved todate? Will you have regrets? Will you do… or will you don’t?God bless my friend…

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