Bangkok 102 – Street Food

Apart from the shopping, I absolutely loved the Bangkok’s street food (except the fried insects). With a lil price starting from 30BHT (RM3), I could savour all the delicious food by the roadside. Some people said you can only truly see & learn a new country through the street food that the country is offering. Hence I took my chances and tried a few Thai foods that I couldn’t find in M’sia. Well, being a Buddhist country, pork is available everywhere in Bangkok, so I went on a pork eating spree throughout my stay in Bangkok. I also loved the Thai chicken rice because of the chili padi & vinegar sauce which was totally different from the normal chicken rice found in M’sia. Another street food that I’d recommend was the bitter gourd soup & chicken noodle at Section 21, Chatuchak Weekend Market. Although the portion is kinda small, but the soup is so tasty and I barely tasted the bitter gourd. The only thing that I missed this trip was the pork satay. Perhaps the next trip I’d get my pork satay again…

Pork Noodle Stall by the Roadside
Pork Noodle for 30BHT
Chicken Rice for 35BHT
Chicken Rice with Chili Padi & Vinegar
Bitter Gourd Soup & Chicken Noodle Stall at Chatuchak
Bitter Gourd Soup & Chicken Noodle at Chatuchak for 45BHT
Mixed Pork & Chicken Noodle for 35BHT

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