Food for Thought 115 – Hainan Chicken Rice

As a Hainanese, steamed chicken and rice are part and parcel of my family’s food menu. Ever since I moved out from my home to KL, on and off I do miss the taste and smell of the Hainan chicken rice. There is one shop near my place which I would highly recommend to people, they sell only steamed chicken rice and kuey teow/ho fun. I love the dry kuey teow/ho fun the most although they serve the soup one as well. As for the steamed chicken, it’s the best so far I’ve tasted in KL. So if you are ever come by Damansara Perdana, just look for this shop, Restoran TK Chong near 7-11 (first row on the left as you are driving into Damansara Perdana). Do take note that it closes on every Monday.

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