Tianjin Food For Thought 103 – Bungalow No. 2 (二号别墅豆捞坊)

Bungalow No. 2 (二号别墅豆捞坊) is the high end Chinese steamboat place in Tianjin. Ambiance & decoration are fine, foods are alright, hygiene is good, service is average, still a bit pricey for a simple steamboat meal. Individual pots with variety of soups & sauces to choose from. I always like the bungalow feel type of restaurant, which is unique to Tianjin. So yes I would recommend this restaurant to people to try at least once in Tianjin.
Address/地址: 和平区重庆道2号
Tel/电话: 022-23138188

From the Outside
From Outside

Lobby Area


Lobby Area

Inside the Restaurant

Individual Pot




Table Full of Food

Slices of Beef

Variety of Meat Balls

Chinese Fat Noodle

Let It Boil… Let It Boil…

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