KIPPAS Passport Renewal Machine

The other day I went to renew my passport at Shah Alam (5 minutes from my office) during lunch hour. To my surprise there was no queue at the KIPPAS machine (‘half’ automated renewal machine) so I went straight to the machine & followed the instructions slowly. This was the first time using the machine so gotta give me time allowance ok?
1. Fill in your name, IC number and phone number on the provided envelope (Please bring your own pen cause I forgot mine and the horrible guard charged me RM1 for a ball pen, can you imagine how angry I was?)
2. Insert ONE passport size photo into the envelope
3. Follow the instructions given on the machine’s screen (get ready your MyCard & Old Passport plus a clean thumb)
4. Insert your old passport into the envelope and drop it into the machine
5. Take the print-out to collect your new passport in 2 hours time (That’s fast for Malaysian standard)
Anyway, things went smoothly after the ‘ball pen’ incident and I managed to collect my new passport within 2 hours. Hoorray!! Bangkok & Beijing here I come! (Perhaps Singapore & Hong Kong? God I need more money!)

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