Winds of Changes

When those who were once looked familiar in the office have left for a greener pasture, and they were replaced by people that you don’t know, I can’t help but wonder whether the ‘grass’ outside is greener than what I have now… It makes me wonder…
When you hear rumours that so and so is leaving every other day and your lunch time gossip is all about this so and so or that so and so, you can’t help but to be consumed by the thoughts that you are actually falling behind in this corporate game. When you hear somebody is earning big money for doing little works, and how you wish you were that somebody, you must be thinking that this world is not fair. YEAH YOU BET RIGHT! THIS WORLD IS SO NOT FAIR! But the bottom line is whether you will have the guts to get your ass off the comfortable place that you are in now and shake things up a lil bit by going to new places and taking new challenges.
I think I’m ready now, but where art thou my new places and challenges???

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