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It’s been awhile that I last posted on the new stuff that I bought lately. Somehow I found myself bought too much stuff from MNG over the past 2 weeks. Undeniable that MNG has one of the best selection at an affordable price range. I absolutely love the new spring summer collection from MNG. You can check it out at
I’m addicted to belts lately- Both from MNG (White @ RM55 & Black at RM39)
Bracelet from MNG (RM55) & necklace from Topshop (RM45)
3 hairbands for only RM10

Winter Clothing from Forever 21 @ RM39 only
Little Black Dress from Cat Whiskers @ RM24 only (after 70% off)
I fell in love with this trench coat from MNG @ RM255

New Blazer from MNG @ RM175

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