Ho Chi Minh 111 – Trung Nguyên Coffee

Trung Nguyên Coffee is the largest local coffee brand in Vietnam which not only producing and processing coffee beans, Trung Nguyên operates a nationwide chain of over 1,000 coffee shops in Vietnam to distribute its products, the first of which opened in October 1998 in Ho Chi Minh City. We saw this coffee shop all over the place, it’s like the Starbucks or Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf of Vietnam. As it was raining heavily when we were walking around downtown, so we took a coffee break at Trung Nguyên Coffee. For VND48,000 (about RM7.50), I got to try the traditional Vietnamese Drip Coffee. I’m not quite a coffee person so I can’t comment much on the coffee. All I can say is that I loved the sweet Vietnamese Drip Coffee with Milk served in a glass of ice.

The Vietnamese Drip Coffee

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