Siem Reap 117 – Cambodian Food

After Tonle Sap Lake tour, we went to a nearby restaurant which was also close to the Bakong temple (part of the Roluos Group of temples). I forgot the name of the restaurant but it was another wooden hut styled Khmer restaurant. The food was alright with the usual fresh coconut which we had been having almost every meals in Siem Reap. The brinjal/ eggplant with minced meat was a little burned but the rest of the food tasted alright. The deep fried pork was well marinated and the fish was quite fresh, though it was not spicy nor sour to the liking of our taste. Perhaps we were too used to the Thai styled of cooking instead of the Khmer styled of cooking…
Well apart from the food, the restaurant was quite honest as my friend left her book at the restaurant and they kept it for us when we returned to search for it. Not too bad for a tourist spot… 
Fresh Coconut
Cambodian Styled Fried Pork
Cambodian Styled Steamed Fish

Cambodian Styled Brinjal/ Eggplant with Minced Meat

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