Siem Reap 103 -Angkor Wat Temple

This UNESCO World Heritage site since 1992 is stretching
over some 400 square kilometers. Famous temples in the Angkor
Archaeological Park contains the magnificent remains of several capitals
of the Khmer Empire of the 9th to the 15th centuries, including the
largest pre-industrial city in the world. The most famous are the Temple
of Angkor Wat and, at Angkor Thom, the Bayon Temple with its countless
sculptural decorations.

Our first stop was Angkor Wat Temple which is the center piece of Cambodia. That was the only reason we took this trip and we were really excited to be there. We bought ourselves a 3 day ticket for USD40 per person so that we could space out the different temples visit over 3 days. The ticket covered about 90% of the Angkor
Archaeological Park except for some further temples which you need to pay extra to get in.
Slowly walking to the entrance of the Angkor Wat Temple, I was amazed by this huge man made landscape surrounded by moat even before approaching the main temple area. It was a really hot sunny late morning when we reached the temple and the crowd was still alright, probably because it was a weekday. With our tour guide tried explaining to us the various part of the temples which I didn’t pay much attention to as I was too busy taking pictures with my relatively new camera.
Angkor Wat temple is a very beautiful temple with lots of crafting on its wall, mainly made out of its Hindu roots. As we walked closer to the main temples (the one that appear in every promotional material of Cambodia and also its national flag), the crowd had built up and it took us a while to queue to go up to the Central Tower of Angkor Wat. It was one terrifying climb to the Central Tower and the wooden staircase was way too steep. God bless those who unfortunately slip on this climb as it was really one dangerous climb to go up to the temple. It was quite a small square area up there where we had a good view of the tall Central Tower and the back view of the temple, but that was about it. Soon after we made our way down safely, we swiftly walked to back of the temple and made our way to the next destination. 
Overall, Angkor Wat is a beautiful temple and definitely one of its kind in this world. But the huge amount of labour and money that went into the construction and upkeep of the temples might be one of the reasons that led to the downfall of the Angkor dynasty.

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For more information:

Angkor Wat from afar

Entrance leading to Angkor Wat Temple
Inside the temple

Hindu Statue in the temple

Crafting of Apsara goddess

Uncle resting in the temple

Wall of Craftinng
I love this picture

The Central Courtyard

More side temples

Upper level of the temple

Central Temple

Central Tower of Angkor Wat
The main Angkor Wat Temple
Staircase leading up to the main tower
Central Tower
Me in the middle of Angkor Wat
View of the back of the temple
View of the back of the temple
Buddha Statue
People climbing up to the main temple
Angkor Wat Temple – View from the back

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