Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain National Forest Park (天门山国家森林公园) – Day 3

Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain National Forest Park (天门山国家森林公园) is located right in the city center of Zhang Jia Jie. The highest peak is around 1518.6 meters above sea level. The mountain is named after the natural huge cave half way up the
mountain just like a gate to the heaven, hence, the name Heavenly Gate
Mountain (Tianmen Mountain/天门山). It was a long cable car ride to the mountain top where we walked along the pathway extended right at the edge and it was not meant for the faint hearted, and then we made our way halfway down to the famous Heavenly Gate Cave (天门洞). I climbed 999 steps before I reached to the cave and it was exhausting! But I was glad that I did it and absolutely proud of myself. Tianmen Mountain National Forest Park is definitely the highlight of this trip and it was our last destination of the trip. 
Detailed information (in Chinese): http://baike.baidu.com/view/1058337.htm

A peek of the Heavenly Gate Cave (天门洞)
Scary Pathway To Walk Along The Mountain Top (鬼谷栈道)

999 Step To Heavenly Gate Cave (天门洞)

And I Made It Alive To The Top!

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  1. The area looks so spectacular! Am planning a trip to Zhangjiajie in April 2015 with my big family of 20+people ranging from very fit 80+ to 10years old. Are the roads windy in that area? Places of interests can be easily reached by foot(at least some?). Appreciate your help.

  2. Hi CYY, there' a lot of walking involves in Zhangjiajie so be prepared. Roads are quite windy as it's in the mountain area. You can pay for manual labour to carry the elderly if they can't walk. I saw quite a lot of them working around the tourist sides when I was there. Have fun~!

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