Tianjin Food For Thought 101 – Yang Shang Shu (羊上树)

This is by far one of my favourite Chinese restaurant in Tianjin. It is a pork free restaurant which is famous for its barbecue lamb. I absolutely love the barbecue lamb leg (RMB98), although it needs at least 4 person to finish it. The other food like the recommended local dishes 气饽饽, 牛肉回头 are pretty good as well with cheap price from RMB3-4 each. Overall it is a bargain for money restaurant which serves generous portion & good food. From the menu it also showed that the barbecue whole lamb is RMB800 (24 hours reservation required) & it looked yummy! I wonder when can I try it…
Add/地址: 南开区南门外大街406号(近海光寺) / 红桥区本溪路19号
Tel/电话: 022-27301886 / 26568886
Yang Shang Shu (羊上树)
Menu of Yang Shang Shu (羊上树)

China Styled Salad

China Styled Fried Long Beans

BBQ Lamb Leg (烤羊腿)

Tianjin Local Dish (牛肉回头)

Tianjin Local Dish (气饽饽)

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