Shanghai Food For Thought 113 – Kang Shi Fu Beef Noodle (康师傅私房牛肉面)

This chain of restaurants is part of the famous Taiwanese Instant Noodle Group in China which claims to serve the original Taiwanese Beef Noodle. I always love beef noodle so I was more than happy to try a new place for my favourite beef noodle. However, I find that this beef noodle is too commercialized, hence the portion is smaller than most places. Well on the good side, the soup is quite nice actually. One more thing that I wish is that the chili that to go with the noodle could be more spicy. Overall, it was just an okay beef noodle for my taste for the price of RMB38.

Kang Shi Fu Beef Noodle (康师傅私房牛肉面)
Inside Kang Shi Fu Beef Noodle (康师傅私房牛肉面)

Spicy Minched Meat Noodle

Beef Noodle

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