Banking Sector Is So Depressing

With the mass lay off news of 53,000 staff came out from Citibank early this week, and the here & there retrenchment of staff from DBS, HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank, on top of all the poor investment bankers who lost their jobs in Lehman Brothers & Merrill Lynch, the banking sector has never been so depressed ever. With no job security, the morale of people at work is obviously lower. Though Malaysia has yet to feel the pinch of the mass retrenchment but I think it will be just the matter of time. I had seen all the low performers been called to the bosses’ rooms more often and perhaps now its the time to let go some people who just can’t justify their presence anymore. The bank that I’m working with is a relatively relationship-emphasised bank which the group CEO had sent out an email earlier to reassure the staff that retrenchment will only be the last resort. I hope that last resort will never come. I’m not worry about myself cause I know I’m doing my job well enough but I’m not quite sure for a lot of other people around. I’m also glad that I’ve climbed the corporate ladder fast enough to a place that is relatively comfortable now as compared to those young people who just started or 1-2 years into their career. Poor thing they now have to work harder and wait longer to see the fruits of their hard work. All I could tell them is, “Be Patience…”
Well now it’s the time buck up and do the job right and more efficiently cause if you don’t, your job will be on the line. Let’s just not put yourself in that uncomfortable position okay?
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